Vivotion Ar800 Air Rowing Machine: A Great Fitness Equipment

Rowing machines are one of the most popular exercise equipment in use ever. These machines have been used in the gym for ages. The simple reason for the same being that these machines offer a great combination of cardio exercise and aerobics and thus boost the stamina of a person. The Vivotion AR800 air rowing machine is one of the most popular rowing machines. There are several other popular manufacturers of these rowing machines too such as Lifecore, Bodycraft, Schwinn and many others.

These days, rowing machines with air resistance have become a lot more popular than the ones with water or magnetic resistance. This is because of the fact that air rowing machines offer a good lift to your body. They give your body a complete workout. It is these reasons that make the Vivotion AR 800 rower a poplar choice. 

Vivotion Ar800 Air Rowing Machine

If you are looking for a rowing machine for home use, then the Vivotion makes for the absolute choice without a doubt. Beginners get to learn the art of using rowing machines with the Vivotion AR800. This rowing machine is a must recommend for beginners. It not just enables you to do cardio vascular exercise but also offers full body toning. Folks at Livestrong have done a beautiful comparison of air vs magnectic rowing machine, check out here.

Great looks are another highlight of the Vivotion Ar800 rower. It's attractive design makes for the absolute cherry on the icing. Install this one in your home gym and your gym is not just going to look a lot more professional but attractive too.

A super smooth air resistance is one of the key attractions of the Vivotion AR 800 rower. This smooth air resistance makes rowing more interesting for the exerciser. Other than that the Vivotion Ar 800 also has some other impressive features.

The machine features an aluminum main rail. This aluminum rail enables smooth rowing motion. To add on the machine also has a single central pulley that allows accurate rowing style. It is all these features put together that make the Vivotion AR 800 a great machine.

Comfort also does not remain neglected. The rower features a comfortable padded PU seat. The seat enables the user to sit at ease while performing the exercise. The machine also features a large footplate to suit all users. Convenience is the buzzword when it comes to the Vivotion AR 800. The machine also comes with adjustable foot straps that can be adjusted to the needs of the user.

The machine is also equipped with a computer. This computer displays the details of your rowing and monitors your time, stroke count, total stroke count, calories, and scan function.

Needless to say, that the Vivotion AR 800 air rowing machine is a great fitness equipment. It's user-friendly nature and supportive features make it a must have.

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